The Origin of Pelagic Charters

Pelagic Charters began with the dream of two surfers John Musser and Griff Alker. Drawing from a common entrepreneurial spirit and vision, they set out to develop an operation that would provide surfers like themselves with unparalleled surfing experiences aboard vessel the likes of which the surf travel industry had never seen before.

The Pelagic was designed and forged from their vision and crafted at Fine Entry Marine shipyards in Western Australia. The result was a 65 foot, aluminium mono-hull vessel, outfitted for high-speed cruising, deft manoeuvrability, complete luxury and stalwart seaworthiness.

The Surf Mission

The Pelagic is the first boat ever designed and constructed for the sole purpose of surf exploration. Combined with a five star crew and experienced waterman our guests are treated to an exceptional voyage to surfing's greatest frontiers.

The surf in Indonesia is arguably some of the best in the world. On board the Pelagic, any surfer, intermediate or world champion, on any given trip, has the potential to score the best waves of his or her life. Our intimate knowledge of the area and the constantly changing weather patterns maximizes that potential.

Currently in their ninth surf season in Indonesia's Mentawai Islands, the Pelagic team has enjoyed taking guests to the ultimate surf destination in comfort and style.

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