The Waves


Mentawai Islands

Located about 80 miles west of Indonesia’s largest island, Sumatra, the Mentawai Islands are the home of some of the best and most consistent surf on the planet. Because of their exposure to swells in the Roaring 40s, the sheer volume of surf spots in the region, and the remoteness of the islands (some of which are uninhabited), the Mentawais have become the premiere surf destination.

The reason for all the hype: simply, the surf. Rights, lefts, big waves, playful points, open shoulders, and racing tubes … from three feet to ten, the Mentawais has it all.

The Seasons

icons-spring Flower by Gemma Garner from The Noun ProjectSpring (October – November)
Still packs a punch in the Mentawais, and October/November are considered consistent months. But as December matures, swells die off, as do the surfers – it can be prefect ‘layback’ surfing.

icons-summer from (December – February)
Is downtime in the Mentawais, when most the boats go in for repairs and rest. While there are still great waves available, the winds tend to be less favorable, and much of the Indonesian surf community relocates to Bali.
icons-fall from The Noun ProjectFall (March – April)
Is when the big weather machine at the bottom of the world switches on and starts showering the Mentawais with south and southwest swell energy. Though fall isn’t the most popular time it can offer prefect waves with very few surfers in the water.
icons-winter from The Noun ProjectWinter (June – September)
Is go time in the Mentawais, and from June to September it’s very hard to miss out on the best waves available on the planet. The source of the surf is low-pressure systems in the southern Indian Ocean when send ground swells thousands of miles across the open ocean. This is the most consistent time.