April 2016 – Hi Alan, Just wanted to give you some feedback on our trip. Everyone of us onboard had the best trip that we have ever been on. That included one of the boys on his 9th trip to the Ments. The boat it is amazing and so well set up. The crew were absolutely outstanding, especially Nito. When we lost Luke with his injuries, Nito really stepped up to the plate and took on the role of skipper and surf guide. Everyone was happy with the decisions he made and the information he gave us if there were multiple options. Obviously it helped that we had swell for the whole trip but we managed to get uncrowded waves and clean conditions nearly every day.

Mar 19 2016 – Hey Al Mate the trip we had with the boys was so sick! All the boys are calling it best trip of our life haha. We got some sick waves at HTs and Thunders and also caught an abundance of massive fish it was unreal. We caught some monsters and a big sail fish on our last day. Andrew was one of the biggest legends ever! Total champion to hang with and got us to some sick waves and always had fun shit to do… Brayton was unreal as well helping with whatever we needed and had some good laughs with us haha we got on well. Last but not least the crew were mad. The food was 10/10 every feed and the boys were always happy to help. Overall the trip was one we will never forget, couldnt have imagined a better 21st! Thanks for the good times Al and sorting us out. Im sure it wont be too long before we will be looking into out next trip back to the Pelagic Cheers Al yew

Nov 2015 – Alan – It been a couple of wks from when my eye where opened The trip we had was one that will be talk about for years But I hope this will not be that long until I return to that boat and that area of the world We had high expectations of the trip but we were completely blown away with the makeup of the boat and the willingness to find that perfect surf From the Nito through to mul the Indo’s were top blokes Luke makes the trip with his ability to work with the crew / guests and is a great asset to the pelagic team Merry Christmas Cheers Scotty Lunney

Mar 2015 Hi Alan, Just sending an email to say thanks for having us on board the pelagic for our trip a month ago. It took us a while to get back to the ments ( 7 years)but we had a ball on board the pelagic. From the food to the skipper and all the crew, Luke our guide and the waves that we had, it was a memorable trip and one that we all get pumped on. We are definitely coming back on board Also, can you ask Luke if he can put the burger work session on a drop box, we had a computer malfunction and I don’t think we got Davey’s photos of Luke’s hard drive. So stoked to have a trip on the Pelagic and we got treated like kings, food was epic, binnies where always super cold and waves where so fun. we are definitely coming back. Thanks Cam Sims

Jan 2015 Dear Pelagic Charters, My name is Gary Mountford and was lucky enough to be on the Jan 9-25 charter. I have been surfing for some 52 years now and the last 2 weeks were probably the best 15 consecutive days of my surfing life. As one of the founders of Gorilla Grip and F.C.S. I have been fortunate enough to surf many countries over many years so I feel the above comment has a little merit. Not only were the waves and weather great, but the boat and in particular the crew were outstanding, always smiling and ever helpful.   Attention to detail was amazing and it was easy to see that they love and appreciate their employment. Nito the skipper is obviously a true professional. I have just reviewed the disc of photos that  Luke and the crew so kindly provided. Great shots and great coverage. It seems there must have been a camera clicking non stop. The boat itself is a credit to whoever designed it. Anyway, all the very best and thank you for providing a great service. Gary Mountford

Oct 2013 – Well Lads – What an awesome couple of weeks, I so badly want to be back there taking off on bombs and getting rolled around on reefs, slamming bintangs (Fire in hole, Reload), having zero responsibilities, getting Eadie to cook me fried rice and omellette, movies when I cant surf no more, hearing the zinging noise as another fish smashes one of our lures, ahahhhhahaaaaaaaaaa, get me back there!!  Swanny

August 2013 – Good day Alan, Hope all is well, Just want to say, hands down my best boat trip ever!!!! Anyways , please send me a list of dates open 2014, want to put my own trip together. Thanks again, Danny North and the the crew was epic, Bruce Arledge jr.

September 2013 – Hey Alan, how are you. Mate the trip lived up to the hype and more, all the boys said it was the trip of their lives and I have to agree. We scored all time waves with no crowds and sometimes to ourselves. Can’t speak highly enough of the crew. Danny (Cappy) was very knowledgable and fit in like one of the boys. ADi’s food was perfect. David, johnny, mul and engineer where all cool guys and fun to hang with. Hopefully we get a chance to come back soon. Cheers  James Parkes

G’day Alan, In short, the trip was fantastic. As an old charter deckie myself, I could not find fault with the guys onboard. Dan was an excellent, helpful captain and was good company. I’m sure you are aware of his knowledge, etc.. All in all, the service we received didn’t skip a beat- whether being a constant supply of towels or good food or a round of Bintangs being delivered to the lineup at small Coldstreams! With the shifty winds and swell conditions and also our mixed skill levels, we found ourselves moving around a fair bit, so by the time we had a break sussed it was time to move on. It would have been nice to stick at a spot for a while and really get it down, but I’m confident that Dan put us where we needed to be.. Anyhow, thanks again for the boat Allan – the boys were calling it ‘trip of the century’. We will definitely recommend it to those who ask. I think Mick may have contacted you regarding one of his mates? Cheers, Tom

Hi Alan, The trip was great on all accounts . . . super solid Captain, and the crew was excellent too. I’d love to go again in 2014 but realistically if I can pull it off in 2015 I would be thrilled. The Pelagic has a reputation for top-notch captain, crew, meals, boat maintenance, and boat reliability . . . as long as that keeps up, I can’t imagine that you will have any problem filling the slots from year to year. Best,  Seth

April 2013 – Alan, it was a great trip. 2 days at Macaronis with mild crowds and then a day surfing Roxy’s alone were the highlights. Mike is a real asset to that boat, skilled in many regards and man he is a great captain. The Indo crew was also excellent. That is one beautiful boat. The only thing it needs is a roll-out canopy up front so you can hang out on the bow in the shade to watch the surf. Can’t commit to 2014 but hey you never know and I hope to come back soon.

Take care,

2 Sep 2012 – Alan, I had a phenomenal time on the boat. Definitely best trip ever. Your staff was awesome with Nito being such a great captain along with skipper Danny. Anyway, I know most of the guys were saying they couldn’t pull off back to back years, but I wanted to grab the few that could and put together a trip for next September. What dates are open? I want to try and make this a yearly thing and believe that the pelagic is the perfect boat to be with. Thank you,  John

May 2012 –  Hi Alan,  Just wanted to drop you a note to let you know how stoked myself and the whole crew were with our trip on the Pelagic. The call to head to telos certainly paid off – even with the devil winds Danny got us epic waves everyday while only having 3 surfs in 12 days with anyone else – we all had the waves of our lives. The crew were so good and a pleasure to hang with while Wayans food was amazing – maybe just a bit too much though!!! We are in the process of locking down next years crew so will be in touch to secure some dates. Thanks again Alan, the whole trip certainly exceeded everyone’s expectations. Cheers Pat

May 2012 –  HI Alan  How things, its Mark Charlier I spoke to you just before my trip I just letting you know how it all went we got incredible waves we surf all the name spots with plenty of swell and scoring a fickle spot on our last day hideaways it was bullshit I have some unreal photos of all my trip it was unreal. The Pelagic experience is definitely one of a kind the crew are so professional in everything they do also the friend ship you have with them I will never forget. A special thanks goes to Danny he knows where to be at the right time he had in the best waves with the less crowd all the time he has got the place sussed and that what you need in a captain and a top bloke to go with it I think he looked after me and my brother as we wanted to surf some heavier stuff Bank vaults ,Green Bush. Anyway Allan it’s a credit to you all best time Happy surfer – Mark Charlier

May 2012 –  This a professional outfit with a champion crew these guys are one of a kind they become like your best mates & look after you so well. Danny the captain is true legend & professional he knows the place inside out I have had 10 trips to G-land, been on boat & land trips to Sumbawa, Lombok, Nusa Lembogan, Banyaks & Bali last 16yrs & nothing comes close to the service you get on this trip once again thanks guys – Smiley